The One When Rachel Greene Wore Smart Glass

About a year ago I started seeing Friends t-shirts popping up on people. I was excited to learn the beloved sitcom of my generation had been discovered by a new generation watching Rachel and Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler make their way in NYC and in life. 


After 25 years, Friends is definitely having a new moment. It reportedly earned $1 billion in syndication revenue a year for Warner Bros. It was the one of the most watched shows on Netflix, with viewers around the world spending 54.3 million hours (the equivalent of 62,000 years) watching it in 2018, before it getting moved to HBO Max in 2020 with a reunion special. 

According to Variety, “Friends: The Reunion” was watched by an estimated 29% of U.S. streaming households on May 2.

With all the challenges of the past year and half dealing with a global pandemic, there is something heart-warming about this beloved show having a new moment. And maybe it feels a little extra special to me, because I spend most of my days taking beloved yet discarded glass bottles that once had a great moment and transforming them into something new that can be cherished.

Maybe thats part of it, but there is another reason why Friends has special place in my heart...


I used to love watching Friends, and one of the highlights of my career was having Smart Glass Jewelry worn by the characters not just once, but twice! It’s one of my little personal claims to fame that I hold on to motivate me through long hot days in the studio. 

The first spotting of Smart Glass on Friends was on Phoebe, who wore my recycled Aveda bottle earrings with the ingredient written on them. They were moss green rectangles. I only learned about it when my phone started blowing up with friends telling me “Phoebe is wearing your jewelry!” I was able to watch the episode and see her wearing it, but I never did get a decent image of her with them on, but here is a image of the earrings.

The second time made up for the first. It was towards the end of the show, and there was a big picture released to all the magazines of the whole cast together to accompany articles about the end of an era. And Rachel is wearing a necklace I made! Right there… with the entire cast, in almost every pop-culture magazine!

The necklace was my Large Stone Chain Necklace in black from my original line, The Non Recycled Round Collection. Needless to say when things like this happen it really makes all the hard work worth it, and I will happily use a few of my 15 minutes of fame on Rachel and her crew. 


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In the Fall of 2020, our Product of the Month featured a limited time re-release of the jewelry we had made from Aveda moss green glass skincare bottles. Make sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get access to these Product of the Month exclusive offers!


This line includes the first pieces Kathleen Plate made when she started working with glass over 25 years ago. Each piece is hand soldered by Kathleen and come in about 30 different colors. 


Smart Glass Jewelry is an artist's studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia specializing in upcycling post-consumer glass bottles into wearable, beautiful jewelry. Smart Glass Jewelry reclaims glass beer, wine, saki, vodka, whiskey and gin bottles to create their colorful and sustainable designs. 


Kathleen Plate is the talented artist behind Smart Glass Jewelry. Born and raised in Cathlamet, a small town in Washington State, her small-town roots are evident in her minimalist, “keep it simple” design philosophy. Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll find her every day in her studio, tinkering and creating, and hitting the occasional dumpster at night.