How do I get in contact with Smart Glass Jewelry? We would love to hear from you via email at sales@smartglassjewelry.com

When will my order ship? We usually ship orders within one or two business days. Sometimes we can ship the day you order. We are in the studio Monday through Friday.

How do you ship my order? All orders come with free domestic USPS shipping. If you need something faster feel free to select overnight or expedited at checkout.

What is your return/exchange policy? Our goal is for you to have a piece of jewelry you LOVE to wear. We are happy to exchange it to get it right, or if you need to return we understand as well. 

What if it is damaged in shipping? If your piece arrives broken please contact us asap and we will send a replacement item right out to you along with a label to return the broken item.

How Smart Glass Jewelry made? We gather up post-consumer bottles from bars and restaurants and friends and dumpsters, then cut and fire, tumble and grind them to create the pieces we use for the jewelry. All the colors are original to the bottles, we are basically taking something you see everyday and shifting your perspective on how you see it.

How do I know which bottles are used? Each piece of jewelry comes with a gift card that has the bottle key inside which tells you what colors come from what bottles.

What if it breaks? The bottle glass is stronger than you might think, but if you drop and earring on a tile floor it probably will break. We have a repair policy where we will rebuild any piece with new glass (even if it has multiple pieces and needs many of them replaced) for $10.00 and $5.00 for return shipping. Because each piece of jewelry is unique sometimes to make a good match on earrings we need the one you have returned to us so we can match it up.

What if I don’t like the piece I get? Each piece of Smart Glass Jewelry is a unique work of art and we are happy to exchange it for another if the variation is not what you expect.

How do I clean it? We use sterling silver, gold fill and brass on most of our pieces which can be cleaned with a metal cleaning cloth or dipped in jewelry cleaner. It should not harm the glass.

Can I customize the size? The glass circles are defined by the circumference of the bottles so we do have some limitations around that, but you can always put directive notes in your order “small as possible” “thicker” “as big as possible” and from the glass we have we will accommodate to the best of our abilities.

Can I get a longer chain? Some of the designs can be customized, but most of them are set at 18 inches. What we can do is provide an extender to give you a few extra inches – just ask.

Can I get a shorter chain? If you need a shorter chain it is better to select a design that can be adjusted shorter. For the satellite chains we only have 18 inches.

Why don’t you have red glass? There are no red bottles used for packaging! Indeed working with the bottles limits our color palette.

How did you get a patent? I have a utility patent on the making of glass circle/disks from bottles. It’s a utility patent and was VERY hard to get. Basically it is an expensive piece of paper that shows I am the artist that invented/created this new raw material.