About us


Every piece begins with a discarded glass bottle. Yup, a real piece of trash. And then we transform it into gorgeous, sustainable jewelry. You won’t believe how beautiful a beer bottle can be. ®

Empty Bottles +

Post-consumer bottles are collected from restaurants, friends, and the occasional dumpster.

Our Patented Process

Combining techniques from glass, ceramics, and stone work, we’ve developed a patented process for producing a new material derived from recycled glass bottles.

= Beautiful Jewelry

These uniquely-crafted pieces form the building blocks of our truly stunning jewelry designs.

We are one of the nation's leading eco accessory brands with an entire line of fashion jewelry made from post-consumer bottles.

In June of 2006, Coca-Cola commissioned Smart Glass Jewelry to create a line of jewelry using their signature bottles, the start of a collaboration that continues to this day. Despite “hitting it big,” the company continues to be committed to small-batch and artisan designs.

How does it work? We collect a variety of bottles from anywhere we can find them. We keep a treasure trove of empty beer, gin, soda, and wine bottles in our studio. (Yes, it does look like a frat party exploded over here! But there’s surprisingly little broken glass.)

We retain the essence of each type of glass- the original shape, color, and size -  throughout the process. Although radically transformed from its bottle-ness, we love keeping the vessel’s original story present through to the wearer.

Once sorted, the glass bottles are cut and fired, using our patented process, to create unique glass pieces. We use a variety of techniques to alter the finished shape and texture of the glass, such as a seaglass-style matte finish or a wavy contour.

It’s a bit of alchemy that transforms a piece of trash into such a thing of beauty. And it’s why we get a small thrill with every bottle we touch.


Kathleen Plate

Kathleen Plate, the talented artist behind Smart Glass Jewelry, has always loved to create beautiful things. The seeds of her love affair with glass were planted in childhood, when her mother taught her how to solder and work with stained glass. One of Kathleen’s gifts is understanding the strengths of different tools and techniques, and then using them (often unexpectedly!) for new applications. As a graduate student and in need of a gift for a friend’s birthday, Kathleen made a pair of earrings out of glass, applying her unique perspective. The earrings were a total success and so, the path began!

The entire process, from dumpster diving for empties to styling the perfect piece of jewelry for a night out on the town is part of my art.

Born and raised in Cathlamet, a small town in Washington State, her small-town roots are evident in her minimalist, “keep it simple” design philosophy. Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll find her every day in her studio, tinkering and creating, and hitting the occasional dumpster at night.

When not in the studio, Kathleen loves to travel (and has visited every country in Latin America!), has swum with Whale Sharks, is terrified of blue eels, and is currently learning Spanish. She just completed her second Master’s degree, just for fun.

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