Baby Hex Sterling Satellite Necklace

Baby Hex Sterling Satellite Necklace

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Hand-cut from reclaimed glass bottles, these adorable little Baby Hex necklaces add just a touch of delicate color to your day. Hex's are approximately .75 inches by .5 inches but will vary a little from piece to piece. Finished with 18 inch sterling silver satellite chain. You won't believe how beautiful recycled glass jewelry can be!

  • Pine from a red wine bottle
  • Cobalt from a vodka bottle
  • Aqua from a sake bottle
  • Antique clear from a soda bottle

All Smartglass Jewelry purchases come beautifully boxed with an artist card, handcrafted and recycled story, and bottle key card included.

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we create jewelry with a story

At Smart Glass Jewelry our number one priority is our customers, and creating jewelry they will love while also saving millions of bottles from landfills. We are a small, handcrafted art studio and we care about you and the environment.


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